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Hello All,

I created a new marching band score using the "Setup Wizard".  I set the time signature to 'cut time'.  I added a few notes and hit play just to test.  When I hit stop my time signature switches, by  itself, to a 2/2 time signature.  

Can someone help me understand why that's happening and how to correct it so that my score displays cut time?


Windows 11....using Finale Version  27...Garritan instruments


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Since you created the document using the Setup Wizard, my first guess is that the problem is document specific (not program specific).


If the problem is program specific (= happens in all documents), then I would consider resetting Finale’s Preferences.



Now for the possibility that the problem is document specific:


First, take a look in

Document menu - Document Options - Time Signatures

There are options for abbreviating 4/4 to Common Time, and abbreviating 2/2 to Cut Time.


Next, take a good look at the actual time signature:

Time Signature Tool.

Double-click the first measure. The dialog box Time Signature appears.

You can expand the dialog box by clicking a button called {More Options >>}, or something like that.

When the dialog box is expanded, you can see an option to display another time signature than the real time signature.

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