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Big thanks for having a look. Im stumped. Using ios 14.4.1 2020 macbook M1 with the most recent version of finale. 

Having a handful of glitches, mostly to do with the coloured noteheads. 

I have coloured noteheads enabled and i have very specific colours chosen (for print reasons). 

The noteheads are coloured, so i have it turned on and working. When I change the colour of a specific note, as soon as I push apply, it reverts back to the original unaltered colour. They are close to what i am hoping for, but not quite. I have tried reseting factory settings, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling finale. 

Now I have a couple of notes that are black and can't be changed under any circumstance. Is there any reason that a note would go black in amongst coloured notes?

Big thanks in advance.


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