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DAMPER PEDAL: REAL TIME (HYPERSCRIBE) INPUT: Midi insertion of a keyboard/piano sustain pedal (off and on) would seem to be a no brainer, just like Midi input of the chord symbol library— though that is not done in real time. With quantization or grid options.

CHORD LIBRARY: Make Music should ask a pop/jazz pro put the chord library and its MIDI input thoroughly through their paces. It’s really inconsistent on the editing side and ‘remembering’ what played chords are which.

AUTOMATION OF TASKS: Internal macro-maker, a la the old Quick Keys.

LYRICS: In the Lyrics Menu (fonts, edit text), I think there should be a way to globally/regionally change the CASE of fonts/letters. At this point, you have to export to MS Word or some other 3rd party app.

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The automation request is the biggie for me.  Keyboard Maestro was like a revolution in my workflow.

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