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I initially purchased Finale in 2004 because of the Auto-Stick Notation feature. (I am a music teacher and was going through Kodály Training and this was a necessity.) I am now working with Finale 2014 and the feature is gone! I can't figure out why something so valuable to some of us would be removed.

I was able to input a short song into the tradition staff. I would then highly the music and using an Auto-Stick Notation converter it would take away the staff and turn it into stick notation with solfege underneath. (I did not have to write the solfege in myself with the lyric tool - it read the notes from the staff and converted it into solfege.) I am fairly confident the term was Auto-Stick. I do remember having Kodály templates as well, but found those to be less useful and just went with Auto-stcik which was perfect.

Would love to have this feature back. It's why I initially chose Finale. Thank you!!   Rachel.   (I use a Mac)

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Do you require playback?


(P.S. I do not recall such a plug-in/capability, although that does not mean it did not exist.)

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