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Issue #1:

It used to be that while using View, "Looseleaf Style: Current Page Only" (in page view) pressing PageUp or PageDown scrolled up and down the page... with the added benefit that if you arrived at a page turn pressing again would shift you to the next page (top of next page with PageDown, and bottom of previous page with PageUp).

Using Ctrl + PageUp/Down still works as it always did, moving to the equivalent view of the previous or next page (bottom of page if you're at the bottom already, top of page if you're at the top already)

Since I upgraded to Finale 25.5 (from Finale 25.0) this no longer works as it used to, however.

Repeatedly pressing PageUp or PageDown does scroll up and down the visible page, however it no longer skips to the next page when you reach an extremity.

I don't know if this is a desired design change or an error inserted somewhere during the change from ver. 25 to ver. 25.5

This needs to be fixed, it has slowed down my workflow to a crawl.


Finale 25.5, Windows 8.1


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