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I just sent this to MM.

When loading a document, Finale often fails to transfer focus to that window, especially when one already has a document loaded. At best, this is annoying, as one already starts performing actions as soon as a document is loaded, which Finale ignores until I manually select the document window. I grumble and redo the actions. At worst, one gets the following scenario: I'm working on a document and I load a second document just to check something. No window is in focus. After checking the document, I decide to close it by pressing Cmd-W. For some reason, since no window is in focus, Finale closes the first document I was working on, meaning that I lose all the work I did on it. Sure, you could advise me to have saved my work on the first document before loading another, but one doesn't expect Finale to close a document which isn't even visible. I've lost quite a bit of work because of this strange behaviour. Quite simply: when loading a document, its window should be in focus!


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