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I am trying to use the Fit Measures function to have 6 measures in one system. But the text doesn't move with the corresponding notes. 

Before Fit Measures:


and after:



the texts don't follow the tremolo notes. I would like them to do that. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, JWL.


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If I understand you correctly, you have used the Text Tool to enter text (in this particular case the word “flutter”) into the score, right?

And you need the text block to be attached to the relevant measure/staff, right?


A text block can be page attached or measure/staff attached.

It looks like your text block is page attached, and you need it to be measure/staff attached.

This is a matter of Finale’s defaults, in Scroll View and Page View.

By default, if you enter the text block from Scroll View, then the text block will be measure/staff attached.

And if you enter the text block from Page View, then the text block will be page attached.


Many users enter all the music from Scroll View, and they do not switch to Page View until they have finished entering the music, and begin working on the layout.


If you must use Page View while entering a measure/staff attached text block, then go to

Text menu > Assign to Measure (select this option)


To fix a text block that has already been entered, drag-select the text block’s handle, and hit Shift-Return.

You get to the dialog box Frame Attributes where you can control the text block’s assignment.


By The Way:

Instead of using the Text Tool you can also use the Expression Tool.

In this particular case I would use the Expression Tool.

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That fixed it all! Thank you Peter for answering all my questions. Helped me a LOT. :D -JWL

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