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Aria player as standalone does not work perfectly and does not give me the sounds I need after importing a .scl-file.

I first noticed when using the Aria Player as VST in Sibelius Ultimate 2018.11, all notes are a semitone lower, and the intervals that should result after importing that same scl-file, are incorrect, like "rounded".

If I try this out in Cakewalk Sonar by Bandlab, some notes work fine, but others are "rounded" again. I suppose it is some "translation error" when the MIDI signals come from the host and are being processed in Aria Player.

I managed to upload that .scl-file in question, a thing that does not work in the community forum.

Windows 10 home 64 bit Version 1809 Build 17763.168 
Please read my comment on the demo for better investigation.

I have posted the same issue at

There they say there might be a discrepancy in samplig rates, 41 KHzvs. 48 KHz.

In my PC, everything is being set to 48KHz, and so is the Aria Player.

So I have tried out more things in the standalone and found, that even the standalone version is not working correctly. The scale I am using there is in equal steps, however, in some places he Aria Player has "bigger" steps. The interval is 8/7, the natural second with 231 cent. When I have that scale loaded in Aria Player, some intervals really sound like a minor third (300 cent), while others really do sound like that "oversized major second".

Please help.



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