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I purchased V25 because of its 64 bit architecture which could support Pro samples, rather than Garritan.  It's not a huge deal, as it is I write in Finale, , export the Midi file to Cubase, and produce it there, with my pro samples, but it would be nice to be able to have these samples in my Finale templates.

After trying to set up V25 for film-scoring, I found the following:

1. The Video window is gone from V25, so there is no way to sync v25 to the video, and write the score as one is watching it.
2. The only way to sync a video to V25 is via Re-Wire.
3. When syncing via Re-Wire, it is not possible to hear the notes that one is placing, via "Simple Entry". and since 'play through MIDI is not available in ReWire either, there is no workaround.


In other words, with V25, Finale has moved from being a wonderful tool for film-scoring to being completely useless for this purpose. I am yet again forced to return to Finale 2010, with it's 32 bit limitations having found  v2014.5 to be far too unstable to rely on, and without any meaningful added features.  I can't for the life of me understand why it is that Finale is taking leaps backwards!   Does anyone at MakeMusic actually USE the program???  It seems that every new version becomes less and less useful, known bugs are not fixed,  but carry over from one version to the next, and more bugs are added all the time. Useful features are removed and questionable ones are added. If Finale is to remain relevant, MakeMusic needs to listen to the community, and be far more in tune with the needs of the people who use the program, or people with migrate in droves to the first viable alternative.

Win 7 pro, 64 bit. i7, 32G, 250GB SSD, 1TB SSD.  3TB HD, 1TB HD. Finale 2010 (V2014.5 + V25 bought, but un-installed & discarded) Cubase Pro 8, EastWest QL, Vienna, 8Dio, Soundiron, Garritan, Yamaha Mox6, etc.




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