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Between work and home, I go between using a PC and Mac.


At home on the PC, Spacebar-Click allows for me to instantaneously hear a section of music with scrolling playback bar so in case the music goes beyond the window, it refreshes to what is currently being heard.


At work on the Mac, I can do the same function, but the screen does not scroll/refresh to synchronize with the music that is being played. Currently, when the Spacebar-Click playback goes beyond the window, I have to stop the music, manually scroll over, then restart to see what is being played.


I am aware that on the Mac, I can bring up the playback controls and enter a measure number to start, which is not efficient. Or I can start at the left most measure, but that may not be the measure I want to start at. Or I can scrub through the music, but that is not as accurate as playback, and I'd still have to manually scroll if the music goes beyond the visible window. (And no, I do not mind that it ignores human playback.)


Will there ever be an option added on the Mac where Spacebar-Click yields a scrolling playback as it does on the PC?


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