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Working on a conductor's score at the moment and having issues with elements colliding with the large time signatures I have placed. The large time signature is placed in the top staff but is enlarged so it covers multiple staves. The only staff that recognizes the numbers as a time signature is the one it is placed on (the top staff). The result is that the ties in the top staff correctly avoid the time signature while the ties in the lower staves do not. Is there some way to get the ties in the lower staves to do what the ones in the top staff are doing? 

Also is there any way to get the hairpins to do a similar "avoidance maneuver." I've been using the line tool in the smart shapes to mimic the shape of a hair pin interrupted by the time signatures but would love to know if there is an easier solution. 

Best, Chris Tomlinson

Windows, Finale v26

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I don't have an answer to your question, just an opinion.


Ties colliding with large time signatures don't bother me. There is so much contrast between the ties and meter, they're both easy to see.  I engrave for a large US publisher and we use them all the time, no complaints.  For the hairpins, you can always delete the hairpin and use "cresc." instead.

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