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I'm in Windows 10, using v. 25. 

Suggestions for the selection tool:

1. a hotkey to "re-select" the last region highlighted, whether on- or offscreen.  How many times do you carefully select a region to edit/copy, then mis-click somewhere and the region de-selects?  Then you have to go get it again.

1.5.  Or, "missing" the measure (while attempting to shift-click / ctr-click to paste music) does not de-select the source.

2. after a paste, a hotkey to highlight the new region pasted for further mass editing

3. Finale needs to be better able to tell the difference between a click and a drag.   If you click a measure and move the mouse so much as one or two pixels by accident between button-down and button-up, you get an unintended copy-paste, and usually start a war between dotted notes and tied dotless notes in the process.

4. Hold [Shift] or some other modifier while drag-enclosing a measure to snap the rectangle to specified beat divisions, as determined by the current Quantization settings.  I shouldn't have to have a 16th note already on beat 4 to be able to select the last 3 16th notes of a measure in a measure stack.

Thank ye


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