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Win10/Finale 26


When working on multiple documents and with olny one monitor avaliable, it would be very handsome to be able to minimize, maximize, restore and restore down documents with keyboard shortcuts. You can do this with most windows programs (as well as Finale), by alt+space, which opens the little minimize/maximize menu related to the program itself. But I am looking for a way to do this with the documents I have open in Finale.

I have asked Your representative about this, the only answer I get is to look in the TG-tools menu shortcut, read the documentation about shortcuts in Finale or make something for this with the FinaleScript.

When testing out the Lyrics hard space, and hard hyphens, I accidently hit the alt+hyphen combination - which actually opened the minimize/maximize menu for the active document. As long as the document is not maximized I can access all the menu items, BUT with the document maximized, I can only open the menu, but not acess the menu items. (Some are greyed out, those who is not, does not work) Is it poosible to activate this in Your next upgrade? Things would be a lot easier with this menu accessible/working.

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Can other programs do this on a document by document basis? It seems that you would need to apply it to an active window, but then, you would need to select another open, but inactive (and presumably minimized) document to open. 


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but it seems more complicated than a simple shortcut.

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I have never needed this in other programs.


You are right, You actually need two shortcuts.


First: Alt+hyphen/underscore to open the the little menu in the upper left corner.


Then only a single letter for minimize/maximize etc.


Shifting between documents: Ctrl+Tab (alternatively Ctrl+F6 - I think- never uses this) - works also fine when documents are minimized.


You make the document You want to work with active, by using Ctrl+Tab, then open the menu for maximize/restore/move etc. and hit the corresponding letter. Its really neat, nice and fast. It would of course be even easier with only a single shortcut on the keyboard.


Everything is up and running, unless the menu when the document is maximized. It opens, but the menu items can not be accessed. With accessed I mean they can be selected (up and down arrow) and clicked (Enter), but nothing more happens. As long as the menu opens when the documents are maximized, and the menu items are present, it would not be a very huge task for the programmers just to make them work, as long as they opens and work in all the other instances. It's more like a bug - really.


See example below:


Alt+Hyphen opens this little menu. It is connected to the document, not the program (the program menu is a little bit different). This example has a norweigian menu, but it is the same on my to other computers with english menu. (I have three Finale-licenses)


Menu translation from top: Restore - Move - Size - Minimize - Maximize - Close - Next (document)


Next image shows that the different menu items are selectable. Here "Move" is selected,



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