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I've been a Finale user for quite a while now, and I'd only suggested a new feature a couple of times before, as I recall.  I DID NOT KNOW that the forum for such suggestions was "user run," "experts or not.  I understand that now, but I'd like to still suggest that "experts" leave their opinions to themselves and just provide responses--i.e., "The Finale Staff has considered adding that feature. . ." or "The Finale Staff appreciates your suggestion(s) which we value very much.  Their"suggestions for future development" box is quite large and, thanks to users like you, will likely remain so.  As a fellow user, I can only support the continued dialogue between Finale Staff and Finale Users like us.


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Sorry, Osea, but if you only want warm, fuzzy responses, don't post on public forums. We all have opinions, and we will state them. You are free to respond or ignore, as you prefer.

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