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I have a newer computer since buying/downloading PrintMusic 2014, and I would love to continue using it without having to buy it again.  It's also worth mentioning that I am totally happy with what I was able to do on that software, and don't need an upgrade for the work I am doing.  

Can I download it to another computer without having to buy it again?  Even if I have to delete it from the old computer?

Thanks for your help.  


Old laptop was a MacBook Pro from around 2009.... newer computer is a mid 2011 iMac / Mac OS Sierra 10.12.

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Go to the Finale website > My Account > My Software. You can deauthorize on the old machine, and download the program to install and authorize on the new one. No need to delete anything. You only get one authorization, but you can have the program on multiple computers. 

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