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Win10/Finale 26

I have made a keboard shortcut for entering hard hyphens. (Shift+Ctrl+hyphen) That works well when typing Lyrics directly into the score, but has no effect in Lyrics window. Why?

(Manually insert hard hyphen from text menu in lyrics window requires too many clicks.)


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I just tried it on my Mac, and the shortcut of Option+hyphen works in both the score, and the lyrics window.  I don't type into the lyrics window, in  most cases. I enter my lyrics in Pages, where the type is big enough to see, without using hyphens at all. Then I go to Lyric Hyphenator and the lyrics go in automatically. It's not infallible, but it's pretty darn handy. Once I have the hyphens in and corrected, I paste it into the lyrics window, and click-assign.


Keep in mind, though, that the hard hyphen is actually an en-dash, not a true hyphen-minus. I've complained about this for years.

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