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I have a brand new laptop, and used Finale (14.5) on it for the first time yesterday. Everything was going okay, except for the volume which was very low. I started experimenting with the various audio settings and, lo and behold, Finale no longer starts playback; the green cursor remains above the first note and, unless I then click on stop, the play button remains greyed out.

I thought that I had reset all the audio settings to how they were before the problem arose, but this has made no difference.

I'd be grateful for any assistance in resolving this issue.


Finale 14.5

Windows 10 version 1903

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You do not say whether you are using Finale's MIDI (Softsynth) sounds or Garritan sounds, some of which are on the quiet side, especially percussion. Fiddling with the Audio settings are likely the wrong way to go to increase sounds.


To alter volume if you are using Garritan (VST), the best place to check first would be the Banks & Effects panel to see where the volume sliders are for your various VST devices and Master Volume.


Another place to check is the Finale Mixer (not the Aria mixer) to see where the volume slider is set for each instrument.


You should also check the volume setting of your computer output, usually accessible via a small speaker icon at the bottom right of your monitor.

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