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In Finale is very hard to notate a pre-bending both in staff, tablature and getting something minimally realistic in playback.
How do I get the bends to work properly with Midi (sending output simply to an external expander) or using Garritain instruments?
Why are continuous data such an insurmountable problem for the Developers Team?

Everybody knows the smart shape tools as bending tool and slide tool or glissando/portamento never worked well in finale.
Let's say basically people import a plain midi they made with a sequencer and then they want to add more expression to the music directly in the score.
This is the most common situation for everybody.
But when you add a Bending or a Slide, the playback you hear  "is it should be..."? no, it is often awful.

My brother uses Guitar Pro and he made me listen to it... the expression tools like bending (pre-bending included),  slide, glissando or whatever are incredibly easy and totally realistic in playback there. Why Finale users can't get something better for what they pay? In various forums people lifted this problem since
the 2004 version! We are beyond 25 and still waiting for these necessary tools!



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