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This is a solution, not a question -

After building a tempo map for a video score and creating a simple mockup in Logic Pro X, I brought the Midi into Finale and wrote a score.

It played back fine in Finale using the tempo map imported from Logic.

Then, when connected Finale to Logic via ReWire, some of the notes in the score failed to play.

It turns out that Finale has issues digesting tempo information that comes out of Logic.

The incoming tempo messages from Logic caused playback failures.

The solution turned out to be to modify the tempo map in Logic so the tempo changes occurred slightly before the downbeat, to avoid occurring when midi was trying to trigger sample playback.

When trying to use gradual changes (it's possible to write tempo curves in Logic) the failures became even worse.

The only solution was to rewrite Logic's tempo map, as described - see the tempo changes are now offset from the downbeats.

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This is a problem as I am receiving midi maps from others and I cannot alter their midi maps. 

Can't this have another fix so Finale can respond to any change of tempo made by Logic??

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