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The company changed the way the grace note/appogiatura worked.  Before, you made the note, pressed the semicolon key and it appears as a small grace note.  Press the key again and it changed into an appoggiatura, taking the slash out of the stem.  Press the key again and it turned back into a full size, regular note.

Now, you go to Document Options and select "Always Slash Flagged Grace Notes."  If you toggle on the key (Now changed to the letter g but the old one still works) it only goes back and forth from the setting to the full note and back.  If you have a serious piece of music that has both grace notes and appoggiaturas in it, you are screwed.  If you make the grace notes with the slash then change the Document Option to not slash the next one you want to make, it takes the slash out of thew one you wanted slashed, and vice versa.

When Finale was first created, they were very good at listening to problems form the "High End" user. (Their term, not mine). That term meant those of us who use the program for a living, who work on it 40 to 80 hours every week.  In 2007, my understanding from their own representative was that they were abandoning the High End user in favor of the "casual user."  The limited the updates to only a couple of maintenance updates per year.  But the casual user does not even know the difference in a grace note and an appoggiatura, for the most part.  That does not lessen the need for the program to work correctly for those of us who need the program to work.

News Flash for Finale.  The casual users and using the free notation programs and are happy with it.  You had better keep the girl you brought to the dance.


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