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I love the feature of highlighting a note and adding a note 1 octave higher on the stem by using the 8 key - very convenient. Great for left hand octaves on the piano. Except... it does not respect an accidental on the original note. It seems to only recognize the base note and ignores the accidental. It seems to me that a true octave would be what most composers would expect and desire when using that 8 key.

Windows 10 - Finale 25

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… it does not respect an accidental on the original note …


Finale respects the key signature accidentals, but it ignores note accidentals on the original notes.

This is by design, and what users have requested.


If I understand you correctly, you are entering a passage with left hand octaves, right?


Try this alternate method:

1) Enter only all the lower notes. This can be done very quickly.

2) With the Selection Tool, select the entire passage, and use the Transpose utility to transpose the passage up by an octave, but select {Preserve Original Notes}.

This is a very fast method, especially if the passage is long.

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