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I have been working on a large project the last 2 years. On my way I have made a lot improvements.

That means I need to use FinaleScript to update the files,.and I have built my FinaleScripts I need to finalize my project.
But one question remains.

I am now going to batch prosess. Batch prosessing in general is no problem, but I am facing another challenge.

I have one main folder with 899 subfolders. The subfolders are named 001, 002, 003, and so on, up to 899.
In each subfolder there is two finale files. In the subfolder 001, I have the files; "001 A5.musx" and "001 KORALBOK.musx"
In subfolder 002, I have the files; "002 A5.musx" and "002 KORALBOK.musx", and so on.

I am only going to prosess the "...KORALBOK..." files.
Is there any way to make FinaleScript skip spesific files? Or limit the batch prosess to spesific files?
I need FinaleScript to skip the "...A5..." files, or limit the prosess to the "...KORALBOK..." files.
Can that be done?




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