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Finale does not support MIDI in rewire. This is major obstacle for many of us who want to use Finale and leverage the DAW features into their mix or composition. 

I think it is time for Finale to support MIDI in rewire. Rewire 2 in 2003 ( 17 years ago) had enabled the MIDI rewire but for some reason Makemusic never implemented that into Finale. This will be a huge advantage and great selling point for MakeMusic. 

I am aware of virtual cables, but a built-in rewire with MIDI would be more effciety both for us and the DAW and finale and our Operating system.

What do you guys think?


- Mac (Mojave) and Finale v26!

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My wish for ReWire would be a way to disable it in Finale, as would seem to be an obvious system setting.

I have many other apps that are ReWire enabled, so when I open Finale I have to wait for over a minute and a half to get the error message, reset ReWiire, and start Finale again. Mostly I don't bother to open Finale anymore...

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