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Unfortunately I am not able to get the 8vb sign. When I select the 8va symbol and I place it beneath the staff it still shows 8va. It should be 8vb. If I go to the Smarshape tab and then to Smarth Shape Options I see different options at the Symbols drop down namely:

Octave Up (8va)
Octave Down (8va)
Two Octaves Up (15ma)
Two Octaves Down (15ma)
Trill (tr)
Trill Extension (Wavy line)

It should be 8vb at Octave Down (8va). When I used a very old Finale version it works. 
Does anyone has the same issue or does some one has suggestions on this?
Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



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Smart Shape Tool.

Smart Shape menu > Smart Shape Options…


In the pop up menu Symbols, choose ’Octave down (8va)’, then click the button {Select…}.

Character #195 is the 8va character.

Instead, choose character #215 - and you are “Back in Business”.

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Hi Peter!
Thanks! This is it!
I couldn't find the 8vb sign. This makes sense.
Thank you!!!

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