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I think the issues of Sibelius handling the Garritan libraries should fill a book - however, I cannot find any thread to this topic here.
I am using Sibelius 2020.3 ultimate and as plugin the Aria player (updated to newest version) for the Garritan libraries "JABB" and "GPO4" and "GPO5".
The trouble I have is with the brass instruments, mainly trumpets, and trombones.
If I have a row of notes, they would play generally at a very soft level, even when I have the mixer sliders for their channels up to 100 %, and using "fff" for loudness.
Now when I add articulations to the notes, they generally become even softer, no matter what I am using: legato slurs, staccato dots, accents either > or ^, and combinations thereof. I have of course checked that in the mixer part of my score, Aria player is at the same level as Sibelius player.
I will report this bug also to "Sibelius help center" to be sure the trouble is also being addressed there. My question in this forum is, if someone of you has encountered the same trouble, and, if yes, which workaround?
This thing really sucks when you work on a large score.
Thanks a lot.
Windows 10 home 64 bit Version 1909 Build 18363.815
Intel(R)Core(TM) i5-3570k@3.40 GHz,16GB RAM, C/: SSD 1 TB, E/: HHD 1TB, G/:SSD 451 GB,NVidia GT 610


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