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Mac Mini, Yosemite, Finale 2014...

Believe I followed these instructions, but no cigar!!!

Thanks Peter for the very complete explanation. Here is my short method for the key signature required here. It's based on the fact that the only difference between this key signature and Eb major is an F# replacing the Ab:

- In the Nonstandard Key Signature dialog, leave Linear Key Format checked and click twice on "next" (the first two linear key formats are in fact standard major and minor keys).
- Click three times on the down arrow: you see a normal three flat key signature for Eb major.
- Click on AOrdAmt.
- The Ab is "Unit -3". Click on "Prev" three times to get there.
- For Unit -3 you should see the values "Step Level: 5" and "Amount: -1". The 5 indicates the note A and the -1 indicates the flat.
- Change the values to "Step Level: 3" (which indicates an F) and "Amount: 1" (indicating a sharp).

I think that should do the trick!


Michael Cook
Finale 3.0 - 2007
Mac OS 10.4.8

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