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Hi all,

Windows 10, just updated from Finale 2012d to Finale v26 while trying to fix a staff system optimization problem. I know optimization has been replaced by hide empty staves and some version of staff styles but applying these to my document is ending up with an update inconsistency.
I'm also concerned I may be using the wrong terminology to find the answer to the problem. So I took some screenshots to share here.

It seems to be a margin issue but I've attempted to globally adjust margins and it causes minor changes but not the scootching over of the vertically shorter systems onto one page as I want. Oddly enough it did it for the first few systems in the piece.

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Make sure you do not have New Page indications on the "short systems."

Have you tried choosing system 16 in Page Layout and applying its system margins "From system 16 through 20"?


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