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On Mac OS X Mojave

Aria Player 5


Aria Player finds GPO just fine, but it is not showing JABB [it used to, but now it doesn't]. Where should the JABB folder be located on Mac so that ARIA  can load JABB instruments?


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Some components are normally stored in /Library/Application Support/Garritan

The samples however, can be stored anywhere, and there's a dialog to select the location when you install. The custom location is then stored in /Library/Preferences, in a file called something like com.Garritan.JABB.plist

This file will actually give you the location of both bits. Here's the relevant part from my GPO5 file:

<string>/Library/Application Support/Garritan/Garritan Personal Orchestra 5/Banks/Notation/Personal Orchestra</string>
If the locations in this file don't match the reality on the ground, then ARIA won't be able to load the library.

NB: This is all in the root level /Library, not the user Library.
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Solution Found! I had the same problem, but the solution is actually simple. The script used to load JABB has an extra folder.

Go to your sample libraries, open Garritan>Jazz and Big Band 3>Samples>JABB_Samples.

Add ANOTHER directory titled JABB_Samples.

Copy all the folders inside the first JABB_Samples folder and move them to the deeper one.

Reload the player and try it now.


Other option, if you know how to access the loading script, just remove the extra folder, but i don't know how to do that

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