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Hi, I purchased and installed the Garritan CFX Concert Grand, but it does not provide sound with either the virtual keyboard of the application, a midi driver, or when I try to play a midi file. If I try to load the presets, I get this warning: "not sound asset loaded". With Aria player I have a similar problem: when I start the program it says: "couldn't initialize rendering in shared model. Code:-2004287478". When I try to open CFX from Aria, the same problem arises with the presets:

I have Windows 7 64 bits operating system, 8 of RAM, enough disk space, I use a Presonus interface (also a Creative sound card, and neither of them works).
I have seen that someone has made a query for a similar problem in Mac, but no response is seen.
I have thought about reinstalling the program, but since there are restrictions to load it in only two computers, I am afraid that a second installation will be interpreted as an installation in a second computer, so I would lose the right to install it later in another machine.
I appreciate the help you can give me.


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