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Hi! I have the Garritan CFX lite, and plan on an upgrade.

It seems like a lot of people using the Garritan CFX use it to practise piano playing. It would be really handy to have a metronome integrated in the standalone Garritan CFX for this purpose.

For the same reason, and for easier composing / sketching I would like to see a more "standard" recorder (or more like other VSTi recorders). A simple play / rec button, and auto generated names with the ability to name the recording after recording would be nice. The workflow now feels a bit awkward for "spur in the moment" recordings (you have to name the recording first and then activate the record function). Some VSTi:s even have a record function running in the background. A lot of piano VSTi:s have great recording functionality that could inspire.

Maybe some "rehearsal" and "performance" mode in the app?


Best wishes



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