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I have Finale 2012c on a desktop with Windows XP.  It's been working quite well. I've recently completed 2 new symphonic works, including score and parts. These go as PDFs to a publishing platform. The software for making the PDFs functions as a printer. The first piece went very well the score and the zip file with the parts. In preparing the second (and shorter) piece, I was able to "print" the PDFs of the parts, but have a problem with the score. Both score and parts are 9 X 12, labeled Concert in Finale and ARCH A in the PDF software. But when I tried to "print" the full score as a PDF, the Sending to Printer box came up along with another box saying that some pages in the file didn't match the size or orientation of the printer settings. I carefully went through the full score file but could not find any discrepancy. The two notices also locked everything up, so I had to close Finale and then reopen it. I tried several times to go around it, but nothing works. The only other factor is that I had to retrieve the full score from the Backups folder, which I re-saved as a .mus file. I've successfully done these procedures with many different pieces, and would be very grateful for any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Check the following :

1) Verifiy the paper size, orientation in the setups of the Print window.

2) Document menu -> Page Format -> Score : verify if you have similar parameters.

3) Layout Menu -> Redefine Pages -> Redefine All Pages

Try printing to Pdf again.

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