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Hi folks.


If any of you are encountering an issue regarding MIDI velocity crashes or "Voice stealing" then I have the fix for users, however, there does need to be a fix included to the plugin versions, applications and Aria Player for this to be fully resolved.


the issue centres on the use of "OMNI" by default as coded in to each plugin and the piano libraries in use. OMNI by default means that if a master controller such as a Fatar Studiologic SL series is being used, or that of any master piano with zones or multi-channel MIDI is in use, OMNI will cause a MIDI crash by Voice Stealing and as such, an initial note will sound at the right volume, but the following repeat notes if used, or other notes directly after, will choke and be played at lower volumes as the velocity is being translated 4 times or greater, when it should only be a single channel.


so, to fix this, you need to set up the plugin to use Channel 1 as primary for CFX lite and CFX Concert Grand. The problem then is the fact that each program loaded, resets to "omni and can also cause issues with SAMPLE RAM allocation and Disk Cache settings. These should, along with the MIDI Channel Number, be given the ability of a permanent or "Default Write" status, so that each time the plugin loads or the standalone application loads, the settings don't need changing.


one other fault to be aware of on the Mac platform is this, CFX Concert Grand when loaded in to ARIA player does not load all presets for the submenus which are included within the CFX Concert Grand itself. This does need fixing.


Here's what I've included and sent as an email for support.



This is for the advanced settings page of the CFX grand apps, plugins, etc.
Please include a “default write” so that when creating a change to stay permanent, rather than a “per program” instance. 
The problem some users face and as I’ve had it is as follows…
if loading CFX lite or CFX Concert Grand and loading any piano program and it’s samples, some users will notice velocity stealing and drop outs, this isn’t an issue with sampling at all, it’s this… “OMNI” as midi channel. Set MIDI channel to 01 for master keyboards and not OMNI, as some master keyboards have split functions like all StudioLogic  series master controllers, so set the channel as either 1, 2, 3 or 4. This should then be “Save as default”. also the ability to save as default the RAM allocation and disk cache parameters, instead, they default to particular programs and that can be messy.
There’s also another problem with the Aria player, based on the CFX Concert Grand… the presets which  come up in the actual CFX concert grand do not appear as sub menus, only one appears wihch is 1 - extra which gives  certain presets, then the player and other library menus are not menus, just single instances to load. it should be a set of sub menus like would be found in CFX Grand and Lite. so something’s wrong.
Is there a way on your blog you can post an article advising users who encounter “Voice stealing” on the CFX lite and CFX Concert Grand instruments to advise users to switch the MIDI channel in the Advanced tab from OMNI to channel 1, especially if you’re a user who has a master controller such as a studiologic SL series or any professional workstation / master controller with multi channel zones / sends. This will fix the issue. but this does need a fix within the software to perform a “Default Write” to save preferences in the ADVANCED tab such as RAM usage, Disk Cache, etc, so that each time the plugin is loaded, rather than having to constantly change settings, those settings are instantly recalled 





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