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I came across this image online from KVR I think. This is how Garritan Classic Pipe Organs should look! 

With the 1st manual being for the Positif and Swell stops. The 2nd manual Great and Choir stops

and the 3rd  could be used for Orchestral stops, chimes, harps, etc. Then your pedals stops. 

Also Full screen mode!


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That 2012 PR image shows what was intended - a place they never arrived. This is indeed how Classic Pipe Organs should look and work, in the same fashion as Hauptwerk only coded to work with notation. Imagine stop jambs that would go with the each sampled instrument, with set-able pistons for creating registration groups and injecting them into the score (or the midi). Like Hauptwerk, they could sell individual libraries 

Under GPO > Notation > 06 Pipe Organ > Custom Organ Console you get something very different than the other organ stops, but generally, it all feels unfinished. But the samples are good - I get great mileage out of my audio hackery.

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