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Big Sur 11.4 on an M1 Mac Mini

I have the CFX installed on my Mac, and I need to restore my M1 Mac to a previous date when I didn't have the CFX. Since the CFX has been already registered and activated via my MakeMusic account, I'm worried if the restoration might screw up my CFX license. 

Can anyone shed some light on this issue? 

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Hi Hyeongmin,


If you restore your Mac to before you had CFX installed, this will most likely remove the activation, as well as the library itself,  from your machine. This is not a problem though. After you have completed the restore of your machine, go to your MakeMusic account and download the CFX installer and a new copy of your keycard. Then just install and reactivate the library as you did the previous time.


If you run into any unexpected issues, use the Submit a Request button above to get in touch with tech support and we can work with you directly on this. 

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