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After seeing the Finale Developer Roundtable I got very sad to realize that the development team will not want to make a version of Finale for the iPad. Their answer - a chrome web app named compose (that until today I knew nothing). I think this is a very big mistake (Dorico and Sibelius have one now and I suspect that Musescore will make some move with Staffpad that they own now). So, the landscape is very clear.

First, I like Finale and use it for a long time. I care about the program and hope that it gets even better, but each year I am getting disappointed with the few improvements that this team is making and the bugs that are being left behind. I started to use Dorico and many things are better than Finale with regard of automatic position of elements  (less user adjustment, less use of plugins, etc), In Finale you can do almost anything but it costs time and effort in most cases (Ex. Why I have to adjust the position of 1st and 2nd repeat ending every time I put some chords - this should be adjusted automatically; and other things that take time to correct). 

The way I saw in the youtube video, they think the iPad is a toy not great to make a professional job (they are wrong - the iPad is very capable). As a start point in composition or transcription it would be very valuable in conjunction with a computer. In many situations would be very important to have Finale on an iPad (to correct things on the fly, make transpositions, alterations, etc.).

I think just by developing Finale for the iPad would make the team view things in a new way and eventually led to modernize the program (this is happening with Dorico and Sibelius - by interviews shared by both program teams).

It is a pitty!

Finale v26 for Mac, Dorico 3.5, Mac OS 10.14.6 (Mojave)

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Finale for iOS was pretty terrible when it was released as beta nine years ago. Eventually, they stopped responding to those of us trying to use it and it faded away.


About that time, Notion for iOS was released. I think it's around $15 with paid in-app VI library upgrades—don't know the current cost—$45, last I checked (we early adopters got it for free as well as the upgrades). Anyway, PreSonus has kept up with development, its MusicXML import/export is very good and there's no subscription model. It plays nicely with Finale.


I'm not shilling for Notion but am among those who see no reason for Finale for iPad to exist. If Dorico and Sibelius want to play in the same sandbox with their subscription models, they can knock themselves out.


Unlike the others, I've read that Sibelius is coming (already here?) for Android, a platform that Dorico and Notion are avoiding for now (Notion for Android is not a music app) . That might be big news for some.

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