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I have made this request several times over the last couple of decades, and thought I'd try again.

In early versions of Finale, if you entered too many beats in a frame in Speedy Entry, you could press the escape key to put you back into the offending measure to fix the problem, in addition to the four radio buttons in the "There are too many beats in this measure" dialog. This was removed I think because it was a non-standard use of the escape key, and did not match Apple's specifications.

All well and good, but— the functionality was never replaced, and going back to the measure to fix the problem is what you want about 95% of the time. It's always been a mystery to me why you didn't just add another radio button to that dialog, so you can just hit "enter" and be ready to do what you need to do. Would you please? I promise you there would be hosannas, rejoicing and tears of joy throughout the land. I personally have not upgraded to v27, as I have no need for SMuFL fonts, but I would unhesitatingly fork out an upgrade fee for this.

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AMEN 100% to that.  Every word.

99% of the time, I have too many beats because some quarter note earlier in the measure was supposed to be an eighth note, and I don't want to have to have to leave the measure and get back into it.


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