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I figure it's best to start a new thread rather than address these in some of the others. I spent most of the day testing various issues in Finale 26.3, 27.1 over Monterey. I used copies of an orchestration that I commissioned from my daughter that she did in 25.5.
You’ve probably seen my post about the dual Lyrics folder. This only happens when updating from within 27.0 and not from any of the stand-alone installers (27.0, 27.1 Beta, 27.1 Release) Removing the spare  Lyrics folder doesn’t seem to affect anything on my system. No big deal.
Resolved in 27.2
Of concern is that NotePerformer 3.32 exhibits different behavior in 26 and 27.1 — between the two, I can get it to work properly (assign instruments in 26, then open the .musx in 27.1 to access the mixer which I can’t do without having done the assignation in 26 first). Ok… I already had 3.32 installed since Catalina. 
MM Support showed me how to install manually by copying files from the 26 install.
However, when I reinstalled NP 3.32, Both 26 and 27.1 crashed and reinstalling could not bring either back to life. 
Turns out, this is a separate issue. See my last post in this thread.
The only way to restore functionality is to restore my iMac to a state before the NP re-installation (again, NP 3.32 was already installed before I upgraded to Monterey). Fortunately, APFS Snapshots lets me do this in about 2 minutes as long as I select a Snapshot within the last 24 hours. Because of this, I was able to duplicate this issue with absolute certainty and have send the latest crash reports to MM Support.
If you don't know about APFS Snapshots on the Mac and its near instant restore functionality, this is a good source.
I may have discovered another weird anomaly in audio exported from NotePerformer as .wav. over Monterey. If I can duplicate it, not pretty. Exporting as .aif is not an issue. If you're used to working in .wav as I am, there are a number of converters out there but QuickTime and AppleMusic can do the conversion for you free — the raw audio is untouched. Conversion from .aif to .wav strips and rewrites the file headers.
Per support, known issue going back to 25. Workaround is to export as .aif, convert to .wav on my Mac (many ways including QuickTime and AppleMusic). This strips and rewrites the headers but the raw audio is unchanged. I haven't checked to see if this is resolved.


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Wow that's weird. I'm using NP after upgrading from F26 and it seems ok so far. Will be on the lookout for any issues. Thanks.

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I'm having a few issues with NP in 26 and different ones in 27.1 but basically, it works sorta' kinda'. I was hoping that a re-install NP would clear it up so that I could get full functionality in either or both versions of Finale. That did not work as I have posted. MM has the crash reports and additional info.


I don't have time to test the audio issue I noted today but again, Support and I have been communicating so they can be on the lookout. There's always the possibility that it's some weird conflict on my end, too.


Doing stupid Mac tricks since 1984.


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From Wallander (NotePerformer) Support, edited for clarity:


 When you run the NotePerformer installer, our installer may (does) clear yourmPlogueEngine cache in Finale (to avoid NotePerformer from being blacklisted). It means all your other AU plugins will also be rescanned in Finale. One possibility is that AU plugins other than NotePerformer are crashing Finale, but Finale hasn't been able to add them to the blacklist yet.

This turned out to be the problem.

As a plug-in crashes, Finale will add them to a file named
au_filter64.cache, which is found in the user's Finale PlogueEngine folder. To find this folder, open Finder, press SHIFT+CMD+G (Goto folder) and paste this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/MakeMusic

Then navigate to /Finale 27 (or 26) and into /PlogueEngine. Inside there should be a log file and at least two cache files.


I attached that folder.

Ok, so looking at the au_filter_x64.cache file, we have these lines:

They mean that Finale has crashed when opening a plug-in from… and … I can't say what plug-ins they are, unfortunately.

You have a comprehensive list of AU plug-ins. Chances are that Finale
will repeatedly crash when opening plug-ins from these vendors, and
add them to the list. Please try crashing Finale a few times more, and see if more plug-ins are added to the au_filter_x64.cache file.


Based on that, I reinstalled NP 3.3.2 and attempted to open Finale (now 27.2). After a few minutes, it would crash and generate a report. The third time I hit REOPEN, 27.2 launched and when I hit Play on a recent file, NotePerformer loaded and worked as it should.



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