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Current system requirements

macOS Catalina 10.5.7 or later

Windows 10 - current release or later



The behavior of fonts between Mac and Windows versions of Finale is lacking. This is causing several issues for cross-platform music production. These same fonts behave the way we are accustomed to working with them in many other mainstream applications, including Finale for macOS. However, we have found that within Finale for Windows, we have to change the way we construct our .musx files, and the way the fonts are named in order for Finale for Windows to recognize or use them. From our perspective, this should not be the way things work with fonts in a cross-platform application.

This is making our work with vendors who are assisting with production very difficult and cumbersome as we are all macOS, and vendors are using Windows.

Current Workaround - both steps are required

1. Modify font names like this article states so they are compatible with Finale for Windows.

2. When constructing the template, select the regular style of the font, and select Italic by clicking the button instead of choosing the Italic version of the font.

Please see support request #368912 for further details and screenshots.

Proposed Solution

Modernize Finale for Windows to behave like other modern applications in relation to fonts, font styles, the naming of fonts, and Finale’s behavior with opening or sharing .musx files between macOS and Windows.


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