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When I first put notes in a measure, and then advance to the next measure, I do appreciate the option to "Fill with rests at end of measure."  

What I would like, however, is for Finale to stop changing the rests I have already entered -- particularly if I have entered something like a dotted rest on the first beat -- to match its 'allow dotted rest' settings.  I have entered them the way I wanted. 

Same goes for copying less than a full measure.  If I'm grabbing a dotted rest, that's what I want the copy to look like, whether or not I'm copying a whole measure.  Unless, of course, I'm pasting to a region that starts on a different division of the beat of course.

Can there be an option to toggle this behavior?

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It would be nice, yes. I’ve often wished for a “this is what I want, dammit” Staff Style.

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