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Windows, Finale 25-27. First, a thanks and appreciation. Years ago, I requested page-left and page-right scrolling with Ctrl PgUp/Down and it's been a mainstay ever since. You have no idea how much time this has saved me over the years. Since then, the selection tool has overgone an overhaul, so I am requesting more shortcuts. None of these keys do anything, so there are no conflicts that I can tell.


1. When there is no measure selection, have any arrow key select an already visible measure. It could be the top-left one (for right-down), or the bottom-right one (for up/left). 

2. When there is a measure selection, the arrow keys move to the next measure/staff. (This already works for Shift and Shift+Control, so why not unmodified?). Also, move the scroll view to the newly selected measure endpoint.

3. If you use the existing shift-extend keyboard shortcuts, you can't tell which the anchored start is, and which the current is. It would greatly help to mark the cursor measure visible, like we do in text editors, perhaps with a dashed outline. 


Some of these are captured in FIN-4222 but in my opinion some don't make any sense, as the tool has changes to select partial measures already.


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