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Hi, everyone.

Perhaps some of you have experience (and/or opinions) about this:

In the GPO5 manual (, it discusses the Plr and Solo patches, and warns not to mix the two of them in order to avoid phasing problems:

"The ensemble player (Plr) instruments do not share samples with each other and can therefore be played together without phasing problems (avoid mixing Solo and Plr patches of the same instrument, however)."

However, if you load the Ensemble (multi) Chamber Orchestra, this is exactly what Garritan did by adding Violin 3 Plr1 and Violin 3 Solo (see attached screenshot).

So, is this just a screwup on Garritan's choice of Ensemble instruments and an error we shouldn't duplicate, or is there really no problem combining Plr with Solo patches?

Thanks for any insight you have.



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