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We hope that Finale can develop a very cool function of editing and adjusting the dynamics of each layer in one staff. We believe that it can achieve a good effect of simulating authentic acoustics with the help of NotePerformer3 software. Such a function is very useful for musical composition and theoretical analysis.

We suggest that the programmers can set in the expression bar an option of editing the expression/dynamics of each layer. The basic operation process of users can be as follows: choose the option, select any note of the layer where the dynamics need to be edited with the mouse,and then edit the dynamics. To distinguish the dynamic marks of different layers, the interface of this function can be shown like that: the text color of the dynamic mark of each layer is consistent with the note color of the corresponding layer.


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IIRC this can be done, if the two layers have been assigned to different MIDI channels, which may not be possible in NP.


Unfortunately my system is in the middle of a 17-hour full backup, so I cannot access the files that might illustrate this while that is in progress.

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Here is the response I received from David Cusick when I asked about shutting off sound for a specific layer (in a repeat, IIRC). This is not exactly what you requested but may lead you to the ability to control dynamics of various layers at least by setting a volume level other than zero if not allowing you to enter hairpins.


David Cusick (MakeMusic)

Mar 19, 2021, 6:36 AM MDT

Hi Adrian,

The scenario you have here is interesting for sure. I am not entirely sure what could be causing the problem, it is strange that a shape expression would have a different affect than a text expression. I can't see what would cause that for sure, but it could be related to the Expression layer change to a different channel. The behavior from this can be a bit unpredictable as controlling actual expressions is not what it is intended for. Here is an excerpt from the manual;

  You can also specify channel settings for the Expressions of a staff. Unless you plan to connect the computer to a MIDI-controlled mixing or lighting board—in the event that you’ve created expressions that control these external devices—you can leave the expression assignments alone.

You can use the channel change or volume in this scenario to shut off and on sound for a particular layer. I have two examples attached here. For both, you need to create and apply the expression. Then, right-click and Edit the Expression Assignment to apply playback to a specific layer. Let me know how these work on your end.

David Cusick | Notation and Garritan Product Specialist | MakeMusic, Inc.




I do not know how, but amazingly the links to the sample files work here, perhaps because they are files on the Finale support site.


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