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Win 10, Fin 26 Academic, JABB 3

Top pic:  Open Hi-Hat MIDI note number is 46.  (From my pc, Score Mgr / Brush Drum Kit / Settings / Edit / Percussion Layout Designer... I've tweaked it some; it used to have a dashed line meaning "no sound".  At least I got a number to show up!  But its sound is a Bongo Drum or something.)

Bottom pic:  Open Hi-Hat MIDI note number is 45.  (From Finale Online User Manual / Percussion MIDI Maps: Garritan Instruments for Finale)

Which is it?  Is it programmable?

Imagine my surprise when using JABB to write a big band part, only to realize that there is only one Hi-Hat sound:  the Closed Hi-Hat.  The brass sounds are great, the saxes are incredible!  So, I assume it's something that can be addressed.


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