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Our last church rehearsal which involved band, orchestra, choir, and technical staff wasted at least 45 minutes trying to find the exact measure in which to start the click track. We were all sitting there with our sound track ear packs just waiting. Unfortunately we are using an analog audio recording and you have to find the right time frame to match the measure. Now I know that these click-track systems let you put markers on the recording etc. etc. but that takes a lot of effort. What if...You could create a click-track from the score or a part using Finale and do it in just a few minutes? Better yet what if the arranger/composer could create the click-track himself in just a few minutes and even provide audio queues? And what if he were rehearsing the orchestra and had a small MS surface like devise on the podium where he could visually point too the click start measure. Well Finale does this!  (ALMOST!) Finale lets you view the click track in page view (so the conductor doesn't have to scroll during rehearsals, BUT you can't use space-click on a measure since it won't play the click-track when starting the play function this way. Instead the conductor has to type in the measure number, or turn on scroll mode and start form the left most measure. Just so you understand. Finale can display the entire click-track on one page. Just copy a single part staff line from the score and paste into another file with a click-track template. Remove all the notes on the staff and then switch to page view. That's pretty much it. You have a one or two page visualization of the click-track based on the score. The pages are short in page mode because you can fit about 12 to 14 measures across the page. (because the measures are empty). I have examples. This just requires a few small updates and some new capabilities would be nice like the ability to easily adjust the click volume. The ability to save the finale click track in an audio file. Right now folks are purchasing a whole new system to do click-tracks and Finale could do it much better and much cheaper. Almost ever church I have been to uses click-tracks. I think this could be a good market to address.

Mark Coats

Windows 10

Finale 26


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