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I  am working simultaneously in Studio One with Finale in rewire, which I really love.  My midi rendition is created in Studio One, and my engraved score in Finale.  I love being able to shape and polish the music in both places at the same time.

As I write a new passage in Studio One, I need to be able to get it into Finale efficiently.  It is real easy to click and drag a passage in Studio One into the browser.  Then I can open the midi file up in Finale, and copy and paste into my existing document.  Currently in order for the notes to be copied correctly, I have to make sure that the key signatures match exactly in the imported file, in order for them not to be transposed, even when using a filter with notes only.

I am of course able to edit the signatures to match before copying. It has however taken me a while to figure out exactly what was happening - that there are unexpected transpositions if the key signatures are not precisely the same - and it has caused me great headaches in the past, which is complicated by having many key changes.  I know programming can be tricky, but as this is what I would call not expected behavior, could I please put in a request when the notes will be transposed to at minimum give an alert? When copying and pasting with multiple keys and not everything can be on the screen due to the amount copied, the error is not always apparent to be fixed right away, making discovery and cleanup later a problem. In general, I do not want any program to make assumptions about how I may want something transposed, even if you feel that it may be "easier". Making the default for these settings NOT to transpose would be much appreciated. I know that is also a setting to transpose to the instrument's range when copying, which I dislike and is not helpful.

BTW, at a recording session in the past, Finale decided that it wanted the trumpet part in Bb, when I thought it was in C. Because of combining trumpet 2 and 3 in the score, I had to explode into a new part, which is where in the process I believe it happened somehow. It was fortunate that the player could read either C or Bb, and the problem was resolved, but it could have been a nightmare.

What would really be sweet is to be able to copy a phrase with control C in Studio One, and paste with control V in Finale, that is of course if the keys don't make it too problematic... I am working simultaneously in both Finale and Studio One with rewire, editing both places, and anything to make this easier is welcome.  Thank you!!

Brian Wilbur Grundstrom
Windows 10 x64 pro 10.019044  21H2
Studio One Professional


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Since I don't work with MIDI, I don't know if this will help, but...

When copy/pasting in Finale, key changes will copy if you have selected an entire measure stack, rather than a single staff. I don't know how that would translate in your workflow, though.


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