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I love being able to set up individual meter changes per staff.  However, I have found that inserting a new meter change is very tedious, as I have to edit the meter in each and every staff.  I welcome a more efficient way of doing this - perhaps being able to choose all or a selection of staves that the meter change applies to.   

My example:  I am writing an opera with 57 staves.  I have some parts in 4/4 and others in 3+3+2/4 simultaneously.

Thank you

Brian Wilbur Grundstrom
Windows 10 x64 pro 10.019044  21H2
Studio One Professional


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You can select contiguous staves, but not if they are separated. (You can create staff lists if needed.) For example, if you have five staves and want to select the top four, click in the first measure of the top staff where you want to make the change. Shift-click in the bottom measure of the last staff. This will select everything in-between.


You will need to have independent time signatures selected, so that only the selected staves will change.


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