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Mac OS 11.6.2 Big Sur

  First off, I've been using Garritan instruments for almost 10 years now and they got me a huge head start in my music composition skills and I am most grateful for the service they have given me.

  There is, however, one point of contention I have always had and especially have these days: you have to personally adjust the EQ for every instrument every time you use them in order to make your songs the best they can be.

  Personally, I barely have the time and energy just to record the music, let alone engineer it all by myself. Also, I don't have the connections or the money to get it done by someone else.

  If it is possible, it would be great if the next version of GPO or any other instrument pack would include some preset EQ's to choose from so the engineering part could go much quicker. I know it would be a bit of a bother to do that, but I'd certainly be happy to pay for the engineering part of the process being at least partly done for me.

  Mixing already takes enough time without having to go and make sure the EQ is perfect for every instrument, especially in a full orchestral piece. I know all this may be impossible, but I figured I would put out my thoughts anyway and see what might come of it.


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