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When copying and pasting between two parts, every time I choose one of the parts, I have to wait for the Garritan sounds to upload.

It was previously suggested to me that I choose “Play Finale Through MIDI,” which does stop the repeated unwanted loading of sounds. However, it also wipes out all of my sounds from the banks, and then they have to be reprogrammed. 

So, that is not a good solution.

Does anyone have another suggestion, that would prevent the continuous loading of sounds, without wiping out the sounds?
Thank you.

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One thing that might help - instead of reprogramming all sounds when you go back to VST, if you are using the ARIA player you can save the configuration as an ensemble and re-load it. Its usefulness depends on how many banks (that is, ARIA instances) you are using. If all your instruments are in one player (you do have 16 channels available), then it goes quickly. If not, then you'd have to load each ensemble separately.

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