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Windows 10 Finale

For so, so many years, I have cursed, squinted, and sweated whenever I tried to grab a handle to move an item.  My visual disability made it all but impossible to get the large cross-hairs of my mouse inside the tiny boundary of the handle.   Tonight, by pure accident, I discovered that handle size is adjustable!   Hallelujah, what a relief, what a huge blessing!    For anyone else concerned with this issue, here's how to do it:     EDIT  /  PREFERENCES  /  VIEW  /  HANDLE SIZE

(Bach might have appreciated changing Handel size as much as I did, ha ha!)

I hope some day Finale will find a way to adjust the size of the PLAYBACK BUTTONS as well.  On the internet, they say you have to change your display settings to text size 200% and ratio down to 1920x1080.   But this is a hassle to have to mess with whenever I want to play back a Finale file, and it messes up every other app I use. 

Just now, I discovered that the "PAUSE" button will function like a "PLAY" button, and the "FAST FORWARD" button functions like a 'STOP" button.  That's a far better work-around than having to change Windows 10's display settings every time you want to play a Finale piece.  But it's pretty Mickey Mouse, and it means that none of the other functionality of the Play console is available.   Plus, on my monitor, the PLAY buttons are so small, they're hard to grab with the mouse.

By the way, an internet search shows that Macintosh Finale offers far more "PLAY" functionality than the Windows side does.


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