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I recently upgraded my MIDI keyboard to a Yamaha PSR-E373, which is touch-sensitive, unlike my previous keyboard with no velocity control whatsoever. So it's great for playing, but it's a little tricky for Finale usage because the input playback can be pretty quiet unless I really pound on the keys, which I don't want to do, and it's still not very loud when I do. I do a fair amount of arranging with headphones and the external keyboard volume off, so I can't depend on that to hear the notes I'm playing. My question; is there any way to increase the input volume of just the keyboard in Finale? I can get it louder by increasing my total computer volume or the system-determined volume of every sound coming out of Finale, neither of which are really what I want because I often am playing over either other audio or my existing arrangement to transcribe or experiment, so my other workarounds aren't that helpful, increasing the playback volume of the keyboard within Finale is the last factor I need.

Windows 11, Finale v27.1.0.271


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